What is threading? And how does it work?

Threading is an ancient technique of epilation. It is a technique of removing hair by twisting two pieces of thread in an X shape with one looped around the other so that it is connected in the centre to move along the surface of the skin.

Is threading painful?

The pain levels are similar to waxing depending on your pain levels. It is bearable by most customers

Is it safe?

Threading is a gentle alternative to temporary facial hair removal method, as it does not use any chemicals. Nothing but the thread touches the skin. Threading is particularly suitable for very sensitive skin.

How often should I get my eyebrows threaded?

Generally for most people, every two weeks but this depends on your hair growth.

How can I minimise the redness?

We suggest you use a cold compress (never recommend any creams or lotions in case the customer suffers an allergic reaction).

Tinting – will my eyebrows become really dark?

It depends on the colour and the look you want.

Lash extensions – how long will they last?

If you follow our after-care, they should last for at least a week.

Eyebrow waxing – what is your age policy?

Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent /guardian who must sign the consent form.